Since March 2015, digital services company Projetlys has been involved in Microsoft France’s “Partner Digital Amplification” program. The objective of the project was for each of Microsoft France’s partners to develop a digital strategy and boost online visibility, most notably by showcasing expertise and optimizing lead generation.

Step 1: An Audit Followed by Global Recommendations

Brainsonic carried out an audit of the Projetlys digital strategy (SEO, content, website, social media…) and identified the company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to provide tailored, pertinent recommendations.

Long-Term Social Media Support

Brainsonic also conducted social media training; a Social Content Manager guided Projetlys teams in the preparation of content designed specifically for diffusion on social media. With the help of Brainsonic teams, Projetlys is currently running paid media campaigns in order to drive traffic to the new “Ma collectivité numérique” (“My Digital Community”) website, and to generate qualified leads.

Employee Advocacy: Amplifying Brand Visibility on Social Media

As part of the initiative Projetlys has deployed Sociabble, an employee advocacy platform that enables employees to view all the latest company content on a single platform, and to share it on their own social network accounts. The implementation of Sociabble took place step by step, in order to integrate the platform into teams’ daily routines.

75% of Projetlys employees signed up the Sociabble platform within nine months of it being introduced. Read the full case study.

Projetlys Sociabble Wall Tablet